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Students of the Week

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Hi my name is Georgiah and I am going to tell you about me.

I am from Australia. My favourite colour is light blue, I love animals but my most favourite type of animal is a dolphin. The first time I saw a dolphin was when I went on a dolphin cruise when I was 7 years old. The pets I have now are 1 dog,1 rabbit, 2 cats and 4 birds.       


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About me

Hi, my name is Jack. I have a dog and I live in Australia. I am the youngest of three. I love playing football, cricket and riding my bike. I am the captain of my football team. I love doing fitness and I like cross country. My favourite colour is blue. I like riding my mini Quad bike.



By Joshua      ALL ABOUT ME

I like dogs and playing games on ps3 like MINECRAFT. I also like cars because they are awesome. I play chasey with my friends.  All my friends are cool to me. And I love video games.

Week 2 News

We have been back at school for over a week now!

It is great to have Ms Mintz and Ms Cremona, 2 pre-service teachers working in our room. We hope they have a great stay with us!

We hope to add a lot more blog posts this term!