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About mrsgmorris

I am an EALD teacher and Literacy Coach at Modbury West School.

Bloggers of the Week

my avatar tiffany

About my self
I love to play with my friends.
I love to go to the mountains waterfall and Bounce.
I love any type of animals especially white tigers and Bangles – it’s a cat.
by Tiffany

All about me

Hi my name is Daniel. My favourite sports are football and basketball.

I play both sports.

My favourite basketball team in NBA is Miami Heat. My favourite player is Dwayne Tyron Wade.

I have a dog.

daniel for the blog

Hi my name is Sienna. My favourite pet is a dog but my favourite animal is a white tiger. My friends are Caitlin, Tiffany, Naomi Aiden and Vihangi. My favourite movies are Bugs Bunny, Dragons and Twilight but my friend Caitlin likes it more than me. My favourite subjects in school are art, computing and sport. I love YouTube.



Bloggers of the Week

All About me
Hi my name is Chloe. I go to school in Australia. I have 3 dogs, 3 cats and 2 turtles. I have 7 siblings and my favourite animal is a giraffe. I have three favourite colours – they are: blue, purple and aqua. My least favourite foods are: I don’t like anything with fruit in it and I don’t like anything with vegetables in it. My favourite foods are pies and I like anything with lollies in it. I like chocolate, but I don’t like chocolate with any type of nuts. My favourite sports are netball, basketball and football.

chloes avater


Hi, I am Tayla. I don’t have any pets and I am scared of dogs.

I have a sister and we like playing games together.

My favourite subject in school is maths and I don’t like to play video games.

My whole family has an iPad and I went to America when I was nearly two.

My favourite colour is purple.

My favourite holiday places are America and Queensland.

I really want to go to France.

taylas avatar

About me

Hi my name is Joshua.

I love rats and dogs.

I like Star Wars and Minions.

I have 2 rats, 1 dog and 2 chickens.

I don’t like chickens very much.

I like video games.

I don’t like my pet dog that much.

I have a lot of friends.

I like animals.

I like playing four square.

joshp avatar

Students of the Week

georgiahs advertar


Hi my name is Georgiah and I am going to tell you about me.

I am from Australia. My favourite colour is light blue, I love animals but my most favourite type of animal is a dolphin. The first time I saw a dolphin was when I went on a dolphin cruise when I was 7 years old. The pets I have now are 1 dog,1 rabbit, 2 cats and 4 birds.       


jack j avatar

About me

Hi, my name is Jack. I have a dog and I live in Australia. I am the youngest of three. I love playing football, cricket and riding my bike. I am the captain of my football team. I love doing fitness and I like cross country. My favourite colour is blue. I like riding my mini Quad bike.



By Joshua      ALL ABOUT ME

I like dogs and playing games on ps3 like MINECRAFT. I also like cars because they are awesome. I play chasey with my friends.  All my friends are cool to me. And I love video games.

Week 2 News

We have been back at school for over a week now!

It is great to have Ms Mintz and Ms Cremona, 2 pre-service teachers working in our room. We hope they have a great stay with us!

We hope to add a lot more blog posts this term!

End of Term

Well, we have come to the end of Term 3!

We are all looking forward to our holidays!

We wish Marlia well after her operation. We will see you next term.

Also, a very sad farewell to Lucy H and her family! We wish them all the very best in their new home!


Class Bloggers of the Week


I like the xbox360   and trees.

I love Dogs and cats and   fish   .

My friends   are James and TAYLA.





My favourite colour is aqua.

My favourite animal is a cheetah.

I have 6 people in my family.

I have 2 animals a dog and cat.

My favourite food is all kinds of meat.

I have 2 brothers 1 sister and a mum and dad. My dog is a German Shepherd and it’s a girl. I have a mix up black and white cat and it’s a girl too.



Meeting the Mayor


Our class enjoyed a very interesting visit to our Local Council Chambers to visit the Mayor and learn more about Local Government. We actually got to go into the Chambers and hold a mock council meeting, discussing and voting on a local issue. We had a great time! Some of us got to be the Mayor and Council Members. We would like to thank all the parents that came with us. A very big ‘Thank you’ to the Mayor and the people at the council that help us arrange the visit.