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Germany and then way up high in Switzerland!

Mrs Morris started off in Germany with a quick visit with a beautiful bear (Germany makes wonderful teddy bears) and then off to Heidleberg Castle.

From Germany, Mrs Morris’ next stop was Switzerland, at Lucerne in the Swiss Alps. Lucerne is a beautiful place, with a huge lake (Lake Lucerne) that Mrs Morris went on a cruise on. Her last stop for this post is up the huge Mount Pilatus which is near Lucerne. You will see her photo showing the cables that the cable car takes you up, up, up the 2,148 metres to the summit. When you see Mr and Mrs Morris at the top all you can see in the background is blue sky and snowy mountain tops – even though it is nearly summer over there! Lastly there is a shot of some Swiss cows, who might just be responsible for helping to make that lovely Swiss chocolate – yum!


Around the UK

Mrs Morris has left Scotland now and is travelling around Wales, Ireland and then back to London before she goes off on her tour around Continental Europe.  In this post you will see her photos of Wales, including a great sign of a very, very long place name! Next Mrs Morris travelled into Ireland where you will see Trinity College and some beautiful handmade children’s books. She then went into the Irish countryside of Country Galway and County Kerry and up to the Ring of Kerry. Mrs Morris even visited the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle. Legend says that if you kiss the Blarney Stone you will have the gift of the gab which means “the ability to deceive without offending.”

After this trip Mrs Morris was back to London with a trip up on the London Eye and a cruise on the River Thames!