Our Blogging Guidelines

Using our blog will be a great way to share our learning with our family and friends. BUT – It is very important to remember that this will be a PUBLIC PLACE and whatever is posted will be seen by anyone all over the world. We need to Stop and Think before we post or comment!

Here are some guidelines that everyone MUST follow!

  • Use your FIRST NAME only when writing on the blog.
  • We don’t write personal details like our address, phone number, email address or even our sports team or club.
  • We write comments and posts that are well mannered and respectful of others.
  • It is important not to post other people’s work, photos or ideas without permission.
  • Blogging is a great way to read, think and respond to others. Remember to be appropriate and polite in such a public space.

So how do we write a great comment?

  • Only make a  comment, in a sensible way, about a post that you have actually read.
  • Use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Remember to re read, proofread and check everything before you blog! Make it worth reading!!
  • Be considerate of others, so make your comments positive and encouraging. A lot of work has gone into these.
  • You can disagree, but be open to people’s ideas and be polite.
  • Texting language such as LOL or CU is not appropriate.


By doing the safe and correct thing, we will make the Mighty Morris’ a great place to learn, share and respond to others.


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